What is DMDP?

Danida Market Development Partnerships is a challenge fund designed to promote market-driven and sustainable growth and employment in developing countries in line with the priorities in the Danish Strategy for Development Cooperation and Humanitarian Action “The World 2030”. DMDP complements other Danish bilateral and multilateral engagements that aim at promoting inclusive economic development and employment opportunities, among others through increased trade, investments and business development.

DMDP has been designed to support commercially oriented partnerships for sustainable market development in developing countries that contribute to the achievement of the SDGs. A DMDP project will catalyse local economic activity, market development and unleash business opportunities leading to employment and income opportunities in the partner country.

DMDP encourages cooperation between a broader range of stakeholders including civil society, private business, investors, government institutions, academia and other actors at national and international level. DMDP partnerships bring together complementary resources, capabilities and knowledge that can foster new business models that promote both commercial and development objectives. All DMDP partnerships contribute to achievement of the SDGs, and in particular SDG 8 – decent work and economic growth, and SDG 17 – partnerships for the goals.

Find the 34 ongoing DMDP projects in the map below. Hover the cursor over the country to see the list of DMDP projects.

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