Enhancing crop yield and profitability in Kenya through biological plant protection


The project is a partnership between CARE Denmark, Chr. Hansen and CARE Kenya, CGA and Nairobi University to advance sustainable and resilient agriculture in Kenya, by introducing the biological plant protection and inoculant product, NEMIX® C4 on sugarcane, potatoes maize and flowers. The goal is to support farmers, especially smallholders, with safe technologies that enable them to increase their profit and strengthen their development opportunities. The project will develop local competencies by working with Kenyan partners to conduct efficacy trials, local distributors, farmers and their organisations to implement activities. Values will be generated for farmers by increasing their yield, for the distributor through increased sales, for the science and local communities through capacity support and for the environment by decreasing the use of harmful chemicals. More decent jobs as a result of safer working environments are anticipated. 

Administrative Partner CARE Denmark
Key Commercial Partner Chr. Hansen
Other Partners CARE International in Kenya, Cereal Growers Association (CGA), University of Nairobi, Promaco Ltd.
Country Kenya
Sector Agriculture
Open / Closed Open
Duration 01/08/2017 - 30/06/2023