Coffee-novation – Green diversification of Ethiopia’s garden coffee value chain


Kafa Biosphere Reserve in Ethiopia, the origin of Arabica coffee, is increasingly challenged by the lack of sustainable employment, income and innovation for green development and adaption to the impacts of climate change. Therefore, the consortium, consisting of two commercial partners and two NGOs from the green sector, aims at unfolding and structuring the up to now non-commercialised garden coffee value chain. The project will create local self-sustaining and environmentally-friendly business models around the commercialised garden coffee value chain by developing new products (organic Kafa garden coffee, organic sparkling coffee leaf beverage and coffee husk briquettes). This will contribute to increasing the market value and access of garden coffee. Ultimately income will be diversified, and jobs created. This will serve as an inspiring model for local development and contribute to a climate-resilient green economy in Ethiopia.

Administrative Partner NABU (Nature and Biodiversity Conservation Union)
Key Commercial Partner Lebensbaum
Other Partners Forests of the World (FoW), NABU Ethiopia, Twisted Leaf
Country Ethiopia
Sector Agriculture
Open / Closed Open
Duration 05/07/2019 - 31/05/2023