GAIN Access to Better Dairy


The aim of the project is to promote sustainable market development in Ethiopia by increasing productivity of local and smallholder farmers in the dairy value chain, and to enhance the nutritional value of high-quality milk-based products to fight malnutrition. In contrast to previous efforts in Ethiopia, the GAIN Nordic Partnership will drive development through a “pull approach” by i) stabilizing and increasing demand for local dairy products through local marketing and communication efforts, ii) working closely with local processors on product and process innovation, and iii) supporting smallholder farmers to improve quality, safety and yields of milk and access to market through regular milk collection. On this bases, sustainable market development can be developed for all actors in the value chain; serving as an inclusive business model for scaling up potentially also in other regions and countries. The project is driven by Arla Foods Ingredients (AFI), who has a strategic interest in supplying ingredients for nutritious affordable food products targeting low-income markets. In collaboration with GAIN, DanChurchAid, and Danish Industries, the partners will ensure sustainability and scalability of the solution from a comprehensive dairy value chain perspective. 

Administrative Partner GAIN - Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition
Key Commercial Partner Arla Food Ingredients
Other Partners DanChurchAid, Confederation of Danish Industry, Loni Agro Industry PLC, Dairy Production and Processing PLC
Country Ethiopia
Sector Agriculture
Open / Closed Open
Duration 15/08/2017 - 15/08/2021