Milky Way Partnership Nigeria – market driven sustainable growth in the dairy value chain

The project is a partnership between Arla, SEGES, CARE and CORET to support job creation and market driven sustainable growth in the dairy value chain in Nigeria. The objective is to establish a well-functioning dairy value chain in Nigeria. The project will achieve this objective through training and capability building, so farmers produce more and better-quality milk; dairies produce more and better products; market for local dairy products is developed; and collaboration among key stakeholders in the dairy value chain is improved. By creating a stronger commercial link to the formal market, the goal is that the beneficiaries – farm clusters related to MILCOPAL and Godilogo Farms – will be long-term partners of Arla and locally produced dairy products will be part of an Arla Nigeria brand. The project model is open-ended and scalable, so involvement of more beneficiaries in the project is an option. 

Administrative Partner SEGES - Danish Agriculture and Food Council
Key Commercial Partner Arla
Other Partners Arla SSA, CARE Denmark, CORET (Confederation of Traditional Stock Breeders Organisations), Milk Value Chain Foundation
Country Nigeria
Sector Agriculture
Open / Closed Open
Duration July 2017 - June 2022
Approval Year 2016