WE SolVE – Women Entrepreneurship through the Solar Value chain for Economic development in Tanzania


The WE SolVE project aims to support DMDP goals and objectives by tackling the twin problem of 1) the lack of employment and economic opportunities for women in rural Tanzania, and 2) the lack of access to clean energy, especially in rural Tanzania. It involves a unique global partnership between Signify (formerly known as Philips Lighting), BRAC and Solar Sister. Together, the partners are committed to piloting and testing an innovative business and technology model, designed to overcome critical financial, knowledge, cost and capacity barriers faced by last mile agents of clean lighting goods and Signify. The development objective is to create inclusive and sustainable economic growth and productivity (SDG 8), generation of new income (SDG 1) and new decent, green and appropriate employment and livelihoods for women (SDG 8.5) in rural Tanzania. The commercial objective is for Signify Lighting to enter the Tanzanian energy market and establish an East African clean lighting (SDG 7) business unit with local employment (SDG 8) and with a commercial return on investment.

Administrative Partner BRAC UK
Key Commercial Partner Signify Lighting
Other Partners Signify Lighting Egypt LLC, Solar Sister Inc., Solar Sister Tanzania Ltd. Gtee., BRAC Maendeleo Tanzania (BRAC MT), BRAC Tanzania Finance Limited (BRAC TF), Signify Lighting Foundation
Country Tanzania
Sector Green technologies
Open / Closed Open
Duration 01/09/2018 - 31/08/2022