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Visiting CARE and OutGrowers in Tanzania

General, News 13 Apr, 2022

After not being able to conduct monitoring visits for a while due to Covid-19, we are very happy to announce that the DMDP secretariat is once again, able to visit projects and partnerships around the world. This journey went to the Mkinga District just north of Tanga in Tanzania – here we visited the ‘Innovating the Cashew Value Chain in Tanzania’ project which is being implemented by OutGrowers and CARE.

Most of the raw cashew nuts produced in Tanzania are shipped to other countries for processing and manufacturing. The vision of this project is to provide local smallholder cashew farmers with an alternative to this practice by building a processing factory and adding value in Tanzania. OutGrowers is specialized in this endeavor and has developed the KILIMO Factory concept which is a small scale cashew processing factory. With the support from DMDP the partnership has been able to establish a factory dedicated to this project, an important attribute to the factory is that it is to be co-owned by the farmers which will give them a share of the revenues from operating the factory. .

The project also has a Waste-to-Value workstream where the cashew apple and shells from the cashew nuts are to be transformed into food and energy rather than being wasted as is the practice today.

The monitoring visit confirmed the potential and progress of the project, and we look forward to following the future development in the coming years. Thank you to all DMDP partners and stakeholders and for a very interesting visit.